About Us

Months after the Honda VARADERO XLV 1000 was launched, a group of enthusiastic owners of this model, began to make small trips and had the idea to create a mailing list, to exchange information and communication between the group.

They advanced quickly to the decision to form a Club dedicated to the HondaVaradero XLV1000, having on 8 November 2000, been made official the Club Varadero Portugal - the first congénere club of the world, whose subsequent registration in the National Federation of Motorcycles, 2003, with the number 274/03, was sponsored by Moto Clube do Porto.

In 2012 it gained everything new: powerful and modern V4 engine, the much sought after frame of double beam and transmission by cardan, more compact, agile and for those who want, an ultra fast and smooth double clutch with sequential box.

Just as the name Varadero took the place of Africa Twin, the acronym XCrosstourer was born.

But the original spirit of our passion has remained, as well as our willingness to welcome the owners of the new model. And maintain the close relationship with Honda Portugal, which considers us the legitimate heirs of the VFR1200 XCrosstourer.


It was with passionate discussions that the name of our Club changed. It came to be called Club Varadero Crosstourer Portugal.

We will continue our club tradition with a solid and respected image. From special people with a way to be in the middle serene and thoughtful motorcyclist and maintain the most cordial relations with the Honda Clubs and the whole world motorcyclist.


Each member of the CVCP will continue, for us, an ambassador and mirror of his position. We privilege, as always, living together and exchanging experiences, in a philosophy of promoting knowledge and social transversality, for a better citizenship.



Welcome to cVCp.